Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Back With Some More Notes.....

Hi everyone.......Yes, I know.....its been a while since I was here...but here I am.

Before I start, I just want to say that my great grandmother is here up in heaven with me now and we are so happy here together. I saw her coming up to join me and our reunion was so joyful! Thank you Grammie for watching over her and loving her while she was on her way here. Love u! are some of the notes:

(5/18/99) My nurse wrote a note that said: "Great day at school. Jared brought home a picture for Mom & Dad. Had a bit of a time getting back in the house as driveway on side and cars parked-we have to think of a better way to approach back door. Jared had no problem all day, he worked hard and he was very sociable (he's a FLIRT!) Bus ride was the best-he laughs at every bump!" (Yes this sounds about right, if there's anything that was sooooo normal about me, it was my flirting style because I knew the girls loved my smile!)

(5/25/99) My Primary Nurse wrote a note that said: "Grrreat day at school-on ball, back and abdomen for 45 minutes. He went into a dark room and we painted balloons with roller yellow and green paints. Jared cooperated at circle time on mat with all 3 students' heads together touching and exploring new friends with hands and big smiles." (Whoa, were we really exploring with our come I don't remember that?)

(7/3/00) Mommy wrote a note that said: "There is an annual 4th of July parade in the morning (if it's not raining) at 9 am. If you could, please get Jared up and ready so we can take him outside for it. Thanks, Mom and Dad." (I remember watching the parades....sometimes it was a bit too much for me because I was uncomfortable and I just wanted to lie down but for the most part, I enjoyed watching them with my mother by my side each time.)

Wow....there are a LOT more notes so I'm gonna go into the next year and see what might be interesting.....hold on................................

(2/19/01) Mommy wrote a note that said: "Note to everyone: Jared doesn't like certain movies that we pick for him to watch-because they are OUR choices of movies-not HIS. So, in that case, if you get 3 or 4 movies out for him and he turns his head away or doesn't pick one-please don't make him watch one of your choices, give him at least another 3 or 4 more to choose from. Since there are MANY that he likes, he's bound to pick at least one of 8 choices....Thank you all, Mom" (Yes knew that movies were my thing and you always made sure I got what I wanted!)

(8/24/01) Mommy wrote a note that said: "Jared went to DuPont today for a Pulmonology appointment. We took him in the new van. (That ambulance transporting was difficult to set up.)Jared enjoyed himself all the way up. Although it did get real hot on the way back home, so hopefully we get the air fixed in the van this week, so we can take him to the Baltimore Harbor soon." (LOVED the new RIDE!!) looks like some of the books are missing so I will stop right now... but come back for a brand new chapter of my life.....Mommy wrote a little chapter titled "When We Became Parents.....We Became Nurses" that's what my next post will be about....c ya's soon!

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