Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Wonderful News!........

I'm not here with my story for today....instead I want to tell you something that I was waiting for since the day I left Earth......MOMMY IS MOVING ON! and she can now see my death as a part of HER life that was SUPPOSED to happen. You see, all it took was this book I brought to her attention....actually it started with the first book I showed her called 90 Minutes in Heaven written by Don Piper. This book helped her a little when she first lost me a year ago. The one that really blew her mind was The Boy Who Came back from Heaven, written by Kevin and Alex Malarkey. She is telling me Thank you right now and she is also saying that this book was written for people like her and those who have trouble really believing that there is a GOD and he controls all situations. She also is saying that for those of you who are reading my blog who may be non believers, read this book. It's just a book. Then ask yourself this question: If this was YOUR CHILD you almost lost in a car accident....your child who doctors say should have died in this car wreck (the boy was internally beheaded)but came out of a coma 2 months later to tell his story that he was in heaven and what he saw and heard while he spent time there....would you then BELIEVE? She says to just read this book I gave her and see what you get from it. She's still getting chills as she writes this...she says the CHILLS are actually my presence there beside her and that's what she believes they mean....a deceased person making their presence here on Earth.
Like I was saying I am so happy that Mommy was lifted even higher than before with my gift of this book that now instead of me ALWAYS being right there beside her and making her feel my existence, I can now MOVE ON until we meet again. I AM SO HAPPY THAT MOMMY IS HAPPY AGAIN....and she is also making plans to go to Dupont Hospital in Delaware for the Day of Remembrance for those of us who have passed on that were patients of this hospital. Last year she couldn't do this because she just lost me a month before the annual event. This year she wants to make her presence known because she wants to let everyone know what a blessing she says I was in her life. She says to tell all of you she couldn't be any HIGHER in life than what she is right this very moment. You should see her, she's so HAPPY. She said she realizes she just lost my "body" but she still has me in "spirit" which is the most joy to her of my existence I gave her for my 14 years of LIFE here on Earth. My job is done....I'm heading back to HEAVEN now.....see you all again someday here in this most PERFECT place!

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