Monday, May 24, 2010

Beginning My Journey Here

My mom had a normal pregnancy with me. The only problem she had while she was pregnant with me was having a lot of amniotic fluid surrounding me. When she had her ultrasound done, they couldn't even tell if I was a boy or a girl. She also had swollen ankles because of all that fluid. She couldn't walk on them anymore, so her doctor suggested she stay out of work and keep her feet up as much as possible.
It was Friday, October 20th, 1995 when Mom knew that I was coming. Her weekly checkup was scheduled for that morning anyway, so she didn't call the doctor, she just waited for my grandma to show up to take her to it. When she got there, she told the nurse she had some bloody mucus. She peed in the cup, came back out and a few minutes later, the nurse said she was in labor. After she went back to see the doctor, he told her that he wanted her to get another ultrasound because of the excess amniotic fluid. The doctor wanted to make sure that I wasn't in any danger. Mommy was worried because she knew I wasn't supposed to come out for another 3 weeks.
After Mommy had the ultrasound, doctors came in to look at it. They told her that they couldn't see my stomach and that I might be born without a digestive system. Of course, Mommy is such a worry wart, she got kinda scared. Mommy's mind went somewhere else but she had Grandma there for support until Daddy came.
Soon Daddy showed up and Grandma went home for awhile until after she had me. Mommy's contractions were coming close and getting harder anyway. Mommy was glad Daddy was there now. He helped her through those contractions. They wheeled Mommy over to the Labor & Delivery Room. Mommy's doctor came in and said that he had to induce her to release some of the fluid. As soon as he induced her, out came a big puddle of fluid and went all over the floor. Even after he induced Mommy, the doctor said there was still a lot of fluid. He released a little more and out poured more leaving another puddle on the floor.
After the doctor left the room and came back, he announced that it was time to have me. Daddy put on a CD that he made for my arrival. After Mommy's hard work for 25 minutes pushing me out....Jared Ryne Grifin was born....out I came as the song "Breathe" by Pink Floyd was playing. Only bad thing about the moment was that I wasn't breathing. (Well you have to come back to my blog to find what happened next....)

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  1. Jared, I am sorry I missed your service. A young man that I've know since he was born was taking a wife that day. I do know that you were loved and I am glad that I got to meet you.